Dr Yvonne Ying Woan Soon


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science


Dr Yvonne Soon is an assistant professor at Applied Physics department, Faculty of Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam since 2014.

She completed her PhD in Chemistry research at Imperial College London, UK with the photochemistry group led by Professor James Durrant. The expertise of the group stems from the Nobel Laurate Lord G. Porter who is the PhD supervisor of Prof Durrant. The focus of the PhD research of Dr Yvonne was on photophysical and photochemical study of organic solar cells.

During her time at Imperial College, she has industrial collaboration with the multinational chemical company, Solvay S.A., which funded the research group for a project on 'The stability of organic solar cell'. In addition, she has fair exposure at numerous international conferences including a talk given at HOPV conference at Sweden.

In her earlier education, she has been awarded a Master by Research (MRes) with merit in Nanomaterials from Imperial College London while her undergraduate degree in Physics was from Oxford University.


Organic solar cells, Photophysical study, Transient absorption study, Photostability


Stability of polymer solar cells.

Conjugated semiconducting polymers are promising materials for low cost solar cell due to the ease of large scale production with roll to roll printing. However these materials require more study to determine their photochemical stability and thermal stability for use in organic solar cells.

Applications Invited

Characterization of photoactive materials for organic solar cells.

Explore and optimise different donor-acceptor pairs or even ternary blends for use in the photoactive layer of organic solar cells. An advanced technique to probe the photophysics of the active layer is using Transient Absorption Spectroscopy (TAS).

Applications Invited


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Grant type: URG, Grant Number: PNC2/2/RG/1(313), Project Title: Probing charge accumulation and interfacial electric fields in mesoscopic solar cells using electro-absorption spectroscopy

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

Collaboration during PhD at a multinational company, Solvay S.A., Belgium which funded the Durrant and McCulloch groups in Imperial College London for a 3-years research project on the ‘Stability of Organic Solar Cell’. This project has four main research areas, and I am a lead investigator in one of the areas focussing on the studies of photochemical stability.


Towards commercialization of organic solar cells.