Dr Wan Yun Hong


Lecturer, Faculty of Integrated Technologies


Dr Wan Yun Hong is a Lecturer in Energy Systems Engineering in the Faculty of Integrated Technologies at Universiti of Brunei Darussalam. She has a MEng (Hons) and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Bath, United Kingdom. She has won a number of awards such as BP Prize in Chemical Engineering in 2008 and Unilever Product Design Prize in 2011, to name a few. She is an Associate Member of Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and a Member of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), United Kingdom.

Wan Yun’s research is in the field of advanced separations engineering for environmental and industrial applications. She has expertise in manufacturing and testing of structured adsorbents for contaminants removal. She also has a research interest in biomedical engineering, particularly in the development and characterisation of scaffold structures for medical/tissue engineering applications. She has global collaboration networks with scientists, engineers, researchers and etc.


Carbon Capture Technologies
Air Quality and Air Pollution Studies
Environmental Pollution Control Engineering
Advanced Separation Technologies
Biogas Upgrading Technologies
Porous Materials and Structures
Renewable Energy Technologies
Biomedical Engineering


Prediction of air quality and occurrence of haze in Brunei Darussalam

Globally, there is a growing concern on air pollution and its impact on health and the environment. To date, World Health Organization (WHO) reported that there are 4.2 million deaths every year due to exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution. They also reported that 91% of the world’s population lives in places with air quality exceeding WHO guideline limits. The project aims to predict air quality and occurrence of haze in Brunei Darussalam.

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