Dr Ulmar Grafe


Professor, Faculty of Science


Dr Ulmar Grafe is a Professor of Biology at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. He received his PhD from Cornell University (USA) and his Habilitation from Universität Würzburg (Germany). He has worked in Brunei at the Faculty of Science and the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Research since 2005. Prof Grafe is a tropical ecologist, behavioural ecologist, and animal physiologist with particular interests in understanding the functional role of amphibians in forest ecosystems, the sensory ecology of frog-biting midges, animal-plant mutualisms, and multimodal communication.


Functional diversity of amphibians
Sensory ecology of frog-biting midges
Community ecology of Bornean frogs
Animal-plant mutualisms


Interactions between bats and pitcher plants

Applications Invited

Physiological mechanisms mediating ultrasonic detection in amphibians

Applications Invited

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Grant type: URG, Grant Number: 105, Project Title: Spatial ecology and movement patterns of amphibians and reptiles in rainforests of Brunei Darussalam, Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Dr Ulmar Grafe, Funding Details: yes, Start Date: 28/03/2010, End Date: 30/09/2011
Grant Type: URG, Grant Number: 193, Project Title: Interactions between carnivorous pitcher plants and woolly bats in Borneo, Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Dr Ulmar Grafe, Funding Details: yes, Start Date: 27/06/2011, End Date: 30/07/2016
Grant Type: BRC, Grant Number: 13, Project Title: Diversity and distribution of parasitic flies in Brunei Darussalam with implications for human health , Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Dr Ulmar Grafe, Dr Norhayati Ahmad, Funding Details: yes, Start Date: 25/10/2010, End Date: 25/10/2015
Grant Type: BRC, Grant Number: 11, Project Title: Studies of the diversity, distribution, bioacoustics and ecomorphology of Bats (Chiroptera), a major, highly diverse but understudied group of mammals in Brunei Darussalam, Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Dr Ulmar Grafe
Dr Hussein Taha (pending), Funding Details: yes, Start Date: 04/06/2015, End Date: 25/10/2015