Dr Ly Slesman


Assistant Professor, Centre for Advanced Research



L. Slesman is Researcher and Social Statistician at the Centre for Advanced Research (CARe). Prior to joining CARe, he was a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), where he taught econometrics and economic courses.


PhD in Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia


Linear and nonlinear issues concerning political economy of development processes, capital flows, financial development, conflicts, social development, and resource rents; and applied econometrics, panel data econometrics and macroeconomics.


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Slesman, L., Baharumshah, A.Z., & Ra’ees, W. (2015). Institutional Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Member Countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Economic Modelling, 51(December), 214-226.

Slesman, L., Baharumshah, A.Z., & Wohar, M.E. (2015). Foreign Capital Inflows and Economic Growth: Does the Role of Institutions Matter? International Journal of Finance & Economics. 20(3), 253-275.

Baharumshah, A.Z., Slesman, L., & Devadason, E.S. (2017). Types of Foreign Capital Inflows and economic Growth: New Evidence on Role of Financial Markets. Journal of International Development. 29(6), 768-789.

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Slesman, L., Naseem, N.A.M., & Aldomi, R.F.M. (2017). Economic Freedom, Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in Emerging Markets and Developing Countries. International Journal of Economics and Management. 11 (S3), 641 – 659.