Dr. Sarena binti Haji Hashim


Lecturer, Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah Institute of Health Sciences


Dr Sarena started her training as a nurse back in 1993 at the Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah (PAPRSB) College of Nursing (CON). After 3 years she graduated with merit in diploma in general adult nursing. She worked for 9 months as a staff nurse at the Accident and Emergency Department, Ministry of Health Brunei. In 1997, she was offered a full scholarship to study a bachelor's degree in Midwifery Studies and graduated in 2000 at Middlesex University, London. Instantaneously, her teaching profession started at the PAPRSB CON as an education officer teaching student nurses enrolled in the diploma programme. With her interest in improving proficiency and knowledge in teaching, she was offered a one-year full-time in-service training on Postgraduate Certificate in Technical Education at the University of Brunei Darussalam. The training has provided the opportunity to develop her proficiency and knowledge in applying various instructional methods of teaching. Upon course completion, she was involved in teaching a newly developed Midwifery program. This course was offered by the CON, PAPRSB aimed to cater to the nation's need to produce qualified and skilful midwives. In July 2009, PAPRSB CON was integrated with the Institute of Medicine now known as PAPRSB Institute of Health Science (IHS). The current employer aimed to provide a discipline-specific expertise quality learning experiences and incorporating clinical research in nursing and midwifery students. Hence, in 2011, Dr Sarena completed her Master Degree in Health Professional Education at the University of Western Australia. She then pursued her PhD in nursing and midwifery at Monash University, Victoria Melbourne Australia in 2014, and received her conferral on October 10, 2018.


10 October 2019 - Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing & Midwifery
Monash University, Victoria, Melbourne Australia.
2 December 2011 - Master in Health Professional Education
The University of Western Australia.
23 July 2005 - Postgraduate Certificate in Technical Education
Universiti Brunei Darussalam.
21 July 2000 - Bachelor of Science (Honors) Midwifery
Middlesex University, United Kingdom.
9 November 1996 - Diploma in General Nursing (Adult),
PAPRSB College of Nursing, Brunei Daruss


Her research interest focuses on exploring pregnant women healthcare-seeking behaviour when they were diagnosed with pregnancy-related complications, and this includes Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy. In her research, she utilised the Health Belief Model framework to better understand pregnant women’s health-seeking behaviour and identify potential barriers and enablers that influence women’s health-seeking behaviour. Her other research interest includes nursing and midwifery education and practice, women's health and pregnancy and childbirth.


Research Title: Bruneian Women Going Through Menopause: An Exploratory Study.
Grant type: URG, Grant Number: UBD/PNC2/2/1(312), Project Title: National Survey of
Older Persons in Brunei, Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Funding Details: Start Date: 29/03/2010,
End Date: 29/03/2016
Grant Type: Others, Grant Number: UBD/PNC2/2/RG/1 (263), Project Title: Bruneian
Women Going Through Menopause: An Exploratory Study, Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Armah
Tengah (PI); Sarena Hj Hashim (Co-PI); Dr. Irma Maria Bustamante (Co-PI), Funding
Details: $7,535.00, Start Date: 01/04/2013, End Date: 31/03/2014. Status: Research


Hashim, S., East, C and Griffiths, D. (2017). Knowledge of signs and symptoms of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy among pregnant women in Brunei Darussalam: A quantitative study. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, United Kingdom. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1111/jpc.13494_114

S. Haji Hashim, S. Miller (2019). C26G Developing a program on ‘Communication Skills in Interprofessional Education’ for undergraduate healthcare professionals’ students. Oral Presentation at the International Council of Nurses 2019 Congress in Singapore.

Hashim. S., East. C., and Griffiths, D. (2019). “Healthcare Seeking Behaviour of
Pregnant Women with Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy in Brunei Darussalam: A Mixed Methods Study. E-thesis (Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences,
Monash University, 30.9. 2019) Available at: https://bridges.monash.edu/articles/A_study_to_explore_hypertensive_disorders_of_pregnanc