Dr. Muhammad Roil Bilad


Associate Professor, Faculty of Integrated Technologies


Dr. Muhammad Roil Bilad is an Associate Professor at the Chemical and Process Engineering Department, Faculty of Integrated Technologies, UBD. Prior to joining UBD, he was a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) Malaysia. He has been teaching core and broad subjects like Principles of Chemical Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Engineering Reaction, and Chemical Process Safety. In UBD, he teaches Engineering Research Methodology and Ethics, Health & Safety subjects. He was also coordinating chemical engineering laboratories as well as MOOC of Safety, Health & Environment. He was also active in supporting department management as a task force for adjunct lectureship, conference committees, international networking, and course portfolio management. Dr. Bilad is passionate about mentoring/coaching students for competitions and club activities.

Dr. Bilad has an excellent record of research as demonstrated by his record on funding and research outputs (>220 ISI indexed Journals). He was the head of the newly established Research Center on Advanced Integrated Membrane System in UTP. Prior to working as an academic, he worked for five years as a postdoctoral researcher at KU Leuven Belgium, Masdar Institute UAE, and Newri NTU Singapore. The postdoctoral experience enriched and broaden his research ideas and networks. Dr. Bilad obtained his Ph.D. in membrane fouling in membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment and microalgae harvesting under the supervision of Prof. Ivo Vankelecom in the Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis KU Leuven Belgium. He had been mentored by Prof. Tony Fane (a leading scholar in membrane science and technology) during his appointment at NEWRI-NTU. Dr. Bilad completed his MSc degree in the Department of Chemical Engineering UTP in 2007. He earned his BSc in Chemical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia.


Doctorate in Bioscience Engineering, KU Leuven University, Belgium
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia
BEng in Chemical engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.


Membrane bioreactor
Low-pressure membrane filtration
Membrane Processes: pressure-driven, forward osmosis, reverse osmosis, gas separation
Integrated membrane-based fixed film activated sludge system
Membrane-based micro-bubbles generator
Tailor-made membrane material for oily wastewater treatment (Surface modification, natural/waste based material and membrane surface patterning)
The use of Big-Data for chemical plant simulation, modeling and optimization


Development of membrane material tailored for the ultralow-pressure driven system

The emergence of an ultralow-pressure-driven membrane system requiring a custom-made membrane that is specially developed for this application. Common commercial membranes suffer from compaction that severely depletes the performance. This project will develop tailor-made membranes by manipulating both surface and bulk structure as well as surface chemistry.

Applications Invited

Dynamic spacer for enhanced membrane process performance via control of concentration polarization, membrane fouling, and scaling

The performance of many membrane-based processes is highly limited by concentration polarization, scaling, and membrane fouling. It has been inherently managed by implementing shear-stress atop the membrane surface by using the feed flow, introducing shear enhancing agents (such as air bubble and particle scouring), or even via dynamic filtration system (rotation, vibration, etc). Those approaches are effective but are energy-intensive and/or difficult to be implemented. This project will address the membrane fouling issue through the development of a dynamic spacer acting as a shear-enhancing agent.

Applications Invited

A novel membrane reactor for emerging contaminants remediation

Emerging contaminants (ECs) are hardly degraded using the common biological treatment process. They present in ppm and ppb levels, as such application of chemical treatment (i.e., advanced oxidation processes) is inefficient. This project will develop a novel membrane-based reactor for ECs remediation. The membrane can act as a barrier to retain the ECs and allow decoupling of liquid and chemical retention times in a biochemical reactor.

Applications Invited

Scopus Publications

Scopus Publications



Integrated Forwards Osmosis – Electrolysis (IFO-E) System for Water Treatment, RM590,372.43, Co- Principal investigator, Cost-Center: 015MD0-056.
Membrane based processes for biomethane recovery from wastewater: anaerobic membrane bioreactor and biogas upgrading, UTM-CRG research grant, Principal Investigator, RM160,000, Principal Investigator [1/11/2020-31/10/2021]
Assessment of the traditional salt farming process in Cayo Palawan and development of new salt farming process via membrane distillation/crystallization, UTP-PSU international matching grant, Principal investigator, USD7,000 [1/03/202019-31/8/2021]
Pore formation mechanisms of porous phase inverted membrane for liquid separation, FRGS, Principal investigator, RM79k [01/01/2018-31/03/2022].
A novel hybrid FO/MD module for produced water treatment, RM189k, Principal investigator, YUTP, 01/08/2017-31/05/2020. [Closed]
Study Of Ionic Liquid Modified Silica Nanoparticle For Thin Film Composite Membrane for CO2 Removal, Co- Principal investigator, Yayasan-UTP, RM176k, 2018-2022.
Design and optimization of integrated biorefinery and refinery for producing fuels/chemicals from biomass, RM166k, Co- Principal investigator, Yayasan-UTP, 01/08/2017-31/07/2020.
Novel nanofiber membrane for separation of oil in produced water, RM135k, Yayasan-UTP, CO-PI, 01/08/2017-31/07/2020.
Aquaporin based biomimetic forward osmosis membranes: from lab-scale production of membrane to pilot scale production and industrial tes bedding of membrane module, RM24k, Principal investigator, Industrial grant, 23/10/2016-31/10/2018.
Development of highly hydrophobic PVDF membranes for membrane distillation via combined vapor and temperature induced crystallization, RM25k, Principal investigator, 14/11/2016-13/11/2017.
Solar still membrane distillation: A novel module cncept for simultaneous house insulation and distilled water production, RM10k, Principal investigator, I-Gen, 06/12/2016-05/07/2017.
Interdisciplinary research project, funded by KU Leuven involving 4 labs and six PhD students (2006-2011, Funding > 2 millios EUR). This project focus on remediation, characterization and modeling of membrane fouling in MBRs.
MIP-Project (Milieu- en Energietechnologie-Innovatieplatform) funded by Belgium federal government, involving: two universities, two industries and one research centre (2011-2012, Funding > 500k EUR). This project aimed at maximizing recovery of resource and energy from used water.
IOF bioethanol project, funded by Belgium federal government, involving four labs in two universities (2009-2014, Funding > 2 millios EUR). This project proposed a new route for more cost and environmental friendly Bioethanol production by involving novel yeast strain and membrane technology.
EXPANd-MBR ) funded by KU Leuven involving 4 labs (Funding > 2 millios EUR). This project is about improving the competitiveness of anaerobic digestion in AnMBR in recovering resource and reusing treated water.
Masdar Institute - Massachusetts Institute of Technology funded by UAE government involving six labs in both universities (Funding > 2 millionsUS$). This project deals with broad aspects of membrane destilation including: membrane, module, configuration, etc.
MIT-MICP Innovation grant funded by MIT and Masdar Institute involving two labs (Funding, 100k US$). Designing and testing a novel membrane distillation module.
EU-India S&T Reseach project funded by India government and EU, involving collaboration between TERI university and KU Leuven (Funding 100k EUR). This project deals with development of novel membrane reactor for treatment of molasses based wastewater


“Fouling control in membrane filtration process”, European Patent WO2012083390. MR Bilad and I.F.J. Vankelecom (2011). https://bit.ly/33cLP00
“In-situ enzymatic cleaning method for fouling control in membrane processes”, UK Patent application number 1021347.8. MR Bilad and I.F.J. Vankelecom (2011).
“Organic Filtration Membrane”, European Patent EP14153348.9, C. Laine , C. Khalouce, I.F.J. Vankelecom, MR Bilad (2014). https://bit.ly/2WDuqee


ZA Putra, MR Bilad, NA Hadi, Improvement Of Saccharin Production Toward Inherently Safer Process Design, RM60k, PT Batang Alum Indistri, Indonesia, Oct 2018-Oct 2019.
ZA Putra, MR Bilad, NA Hadi, Process improvement of sodium cyclamate production, Consultancy project, RM33k, PT Batang Alum Indistri, Indonesia, Feb 2018-Feb 2019.
ZA Putra, MR Bilad, KA Kurnia, Professional Short Course, Introduction course on product modelling via response surface method, 23-24 Jan 2017. RM22k, CAPE, KL.
MR Bilad and IFJ Vankelecom, Assessments of inorganic mixed matrix membrane in membrane bioreactor application, Amer-Sil - K.U.Leuven (COK) collaboration on MBR-membrane screening, January 2012.
MR Bilad and IFJ Vankelecom, MBR membrane development, Lydal - K.U.Leuven (COK) collaboration on MBR-membrane screening, June 2011.
MR Bilad and IFJ Vankelecom, Development and assessment of novel nanofiber membrane in membrane bioreactor. FIBRONIQ - K.U.Leuven (COK) collaboration on MBR-membrane screening, January 2012.

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

Dr. Bilad has been part multiple large research projects involving collaborators from
Universities: KU Leuven university, Nanyang Technological University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Universitas Gajah Mada, Universitas Brawijaya, Universitas Syah Kuala, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, University Technology Sydney, University of Sydney, COMSAT-Pakistan, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and others.
Companies/Industries: Amer-Sil, PETRONAS, Aquaporin-Asia, etc.
Research institutes: VITO, TERI, DHI and others.