Dr Ren Chong LIM


Assistant Professor, Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences


I am an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences (CAMES). Currently, I am supervising three PhD projects in the area of material science and energy studies:
1. development of green corrosion-inhibitive coatings,
2. development of ionomer-based corrosion-inhibitive coatings, and
3. optimising bio-energy recovery from hydrothermal biomass processing using machine learning.

At the undergraduate level, I teach energy-storage systems and engineering mechanics with the Faculty of Integrated Studies (FIT), UBD as well as sections of a breadth module on intellectual property rights related to open-source software and alternative dispute resolutions. I also give seminars on innovation and technology for executive development programmes hosted at the Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Advancement (ILIA), UBD.

Previously, I successfully completed supervision of one PhD project on the development of photocatalytic coatings for Brunei Darussalam and one Master project on thermo-reflective polarising roof materials to increase energy efficiency of buildings. I have also taught a 14-week course on intellectual property rights and patent innovation for the Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L), UBD. Last but not least, I am involved with the UBD Entrepreneurship Village (EV) which spearheads entrepreneurship training and education at the university.


DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics (University of Oxford, UK, 2015)
MRes in Photonics (Imperial College London, UK, 2010)
MSci in Physics (Imperial College London, UK, 2005)


green innovations, bionanoscience