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Mayyer Ling Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Mayyer Ling

Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Mayyer Ling binti Mohammad Tony Ling is an assistant lecturer in the English Studies Programme, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam. She obtained her First class degree in Bachelor of Arts (English Language and Linguistics) from Universiti Brunei Darussalam in 2013. She later obtained a Distinction for Masters of Arts (Applied Linguistics) from University of Essex in 2014, specialising in Intercultural Communication. Her research focus primarily lies in the area of Discourse Analysis ranging from social media platforms for news consumption, to virtual learning environments for learning and teaching. She enjoys working with statistics in her free time and provides consultation on qualitative analyses for researchers in the social sciences.


BA English Language and Linguistics (First class), 2013
MA Applied Linguistics (Distinction), 2014


Authority and Voices in Virtual Learning Environments
News discourse in social media platforms


Scopus Publications


Edutourism: An economic contribution of higher education.

Highest education institutions have the potential in generating revenues for the state with the ever-growing demand of knowledge-based societies globally. Graduate studies, especially in unique research areas such as Islamic-studies, Biodiversity and, Language and Cultural studies are some key attractions offered and found in the ASEAN region. To what extent are higher institutions gauging and promoting these research and learning opportunities for their respective benefits and revenue generation through their virtual presence in New Media?

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Authorial ownership: Key to accountability and reliability of future leaders

The most commonly administered task in higher institutions is academic writing tasks - either in the form of essays, reports, and even storyboards and treatments - as is the case for Media Studies undergraduates. However, there is often a lack of enthusiasm in the production of the daunting task as there seems to be a lack of perceived relevance between one's current academic expectation and future professional skills. This project attempts to unravel the notion of authorial ownership in reducing the gap between the academic (written) tasks and future professional needs of students.

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Reviewing the Brunei Teachers’ Standards (BTS): Local ESL Teachers as a Resource in Policy-making

This study primarily function to identify the gap between BTS and best practices employed by local teachers in the ESL classroom. The implication for the study is three-fold; first, this paper intends to recommend economically-justifiable sources of input for policy-making, as opposed to the current heavy-reliance on foreign consultants. Second, this paper also intends to justify the need for participation of local teachers who are the frontrunners for the Ministry of Education in providing accurate, reliable and culturally appropriate BTS reformation. Third, the study also aims to improvise a teachers’ standard framework that is catered to ESL, culturally-specific to the Bruneian context, with input from local teachers, which could help in future ESL teacher preparation programmes nationwide. Co-author: Dr Rinni Marliyana Binti Haji Amran

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Mayyer Ling (2017). Press release: A tool for public relations. In K. Jerzy (Ed), Banking: Services, opportunities and risks. Chapter 5. NY, USA: Nova Science Publishers.
Mayyer Ling (2016). Corporate portrait in press releases: The case of banking institutions. Professional and Academic English, 47, 11-17.
Mayyer Ling (2016). Exposure to English Accents in Undergraduate Settings: Gendered Responses? In S. Sebouai et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of Seminar Antarabangsa Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Kemahiran Bahasa bagi Bukan Penuturnya: Realiti dan Harapan (InSTeLL). Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali, Bandar Seri Begawan, 3-4 February (pp. 13-29). Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei: UNISSA Press.
Mayyer Ling (2016). Identity Representation in Press Releases of a Brunei-based Banking Institution. In Noor Azam Haji-Othman, McLellan, J., & Deterding, D. (Eds.), The use and status of language in Brunei Darussalam – A kingdom of unexpected linguistic diversity. Chapter 13. Singapore: Springer.


1. SPSS Software advisor for the English Studies Programme
2. Translator (Malay-English, English-Malay) for the English Studies Programme and the Public
3. Proofreading for post-graduates enrolled in the English Studies Programme
4. Transcriber (Malay and English) for the English Studies Programme and the Public

Scopus Publications

Total Publications: 1

1. Identity representation in press releases of a Brunei-based banking institution, The Use and Status of Language in Brunei Darussalam: A Kingdom of Unexpected Linguistic Diversity