Dr Owais Ahmed Malik


Assistant Professor, School of Digital Science and Director, Institute of Applied Data Analytics


Dr Owais Ahmed Malik is an Assistant Professor in School of Digital Science, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD). He completed his PhD in Computer Science from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (2015), MS in Computer Science from KFUPM, Saudi Arabia (2002) and BE is Computer Systems Engineering from NED, Pakistan (1998). Dr Owais has more than ten years of progressive experience in academia and research in the field of computer science and engineering. He has been teaching various undergraduate courses including machine learning, data mining, machine perception, programming fundamentals, design and analysis of algorithms, software engineering and operating system in different national/international universities. His research interest includes designing and exploring different intelligent/pattern recognition algorithms for the analysis and classification of biodiversity and Cyber-security data, applied biomechanics, bio-signal processing and big data analytics. He has published a number of articles in internationally reputable journals and conferences.


PhD (Computer Science - Machine Learning and Sensors in Health Systems), MSc (Computer Science - AI for Planning/Reasoning), BE (Computer Engineering)


Machine Learning, Data Analytics/Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision/Image Processing, Deep Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Knowledge Based Systems, Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Rehabilitation Monitoring, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Biosignal Processing and Analysis, Applied Biomechanics


Computer Vision and Data Analytics for Multidisciplinary Projects.

The projects related to the computer vision, image analysis and data analytics are available for discussion. Designing of Machine Learning techniques/algorithms for resource constrained devices. Application of Machine Learning and Computer Vision for Marine Biology/ Oceanography, Fisheries

Applications Invited
For PhD/MS Students

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Applications and Spatial Computing

This project is related to the application of mixed reality (spatial computing) for various fields including e-learning, education, and biodiversity.

Applications Invited
For PhD/MS Students

TinyML and applications, Embedded AI

The projects related to designing embedded AI systems, their applications, and optimization of ML techniques for these systems.

Applications Invited
For PhD/MS Students

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Scopus Publications


Reconstruction of damaged herbarium leaves using deep learning techniques for improving classification accuracy, BR Hussein, OA Malik, WH Ong, JWF Slik, Ecological Informatics 61, 101243, 2021

Real-time visual inspection system for grading fruits using computer vision and deep learning techniques, N Ismail, OA Malik, Information Processing in Agriculture, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.inpa.2021.01.005

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Establishing site response-based micro-zonation by applying machine learning techniques on ambient noise data: a case study from Northern Potwar Region, Pakistan, SMT Qadri, OA Malik, Environmental Earth Sciences 80 (2), 1-15

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MRR Kooh, MK Dahri, LBL Lim, LH Lim, OA Malik
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (9), 783

Integrated TOC prediction and source rock characterization using machine learning, well logs and geochemical analysis: Case study from the Jurassic source rocks in Shams Field
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An Intelligent Recovery Progress Evaluation System for ACL Reconstructed Subjects Using Integrated 3-D Kinematics and EMG Features
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A Multisensor Integration-Based Complementary Tool for Monitoring Recovery Progress of Anterior Cruciate Ligament-Reconstructed Subjects
OA Malik, SMN Arosha Senanayake, D Zaheer, IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 2014

A knowledge-based intelligent framework for anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation monitoring
SMN Arosha Senanayake, OA Malik, PM Iskandar, D Zaheer, Applied Soft Computing 20, 127-141, 2013


Automated Realtime Plant Species Recognition Using State of The Art Machine Learning Techniques (UBD/RSCH/1.4/FICBF((b)/2018/011 (Principal Investigator)
Architectural Heritage in Brunei Darussalam: Safeguarding, Identity and Sustainability (Joint Project between FASS and FOS – Co-PI) – (FIC Research Grant)
Intelligent wearable anti-sprain system to prevent ankle sprain injury (Team Member) – Funded (FIC Research Grant)


S.M.N. Arosha Senanayake and Owais Ahmed Malik, 2014, "Real Time Biofeedback Mechanism and Data Presentation for Knee Injury Rehabilitation Monitoring and a Soft Real Time Intelligent System Thereof", US Patent - 10004455 B2, June 26 2018, Brunei Patent BN/N/2014/0036 “ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam


Worked at City Bank as a application developer