Norainie Ahmad @Nikki

Lecturer, Institute of Policy Studies


Lecturer | Researcher | Graduate Programme Coordinator
Institute of Policy Studies, UBD
Areas: Social Policy; Family Demography; Women's Studies and Gender; Public Policy & Policy Analysis
St. Cross College, Oxford University
Oxford Institute of Population Ageing
Sociology Department, Oxford University

Research Associate at the Centre for Advanced Research (CARe) UBD
Asian Population Association
Asian Association of Women's Studies
Women in Public Policy International Network (IPPA-WIPP)
UNESCO Inclusive Policy Lab Expert


BA (Hons) Geography & Anthropology, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

MSc in Public Policy and Administration, Department of Government, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

DPhil in Sociology, University of Oxford (finishing for submission)


My research interests intersect between Social Demography, Women and Gender Studies, and Public Policy. I teach Public Policy with a focus on policy tools/instruments, particularly Nudge (and Nudge plus), and other behavioural public policy frameworks (eg. Narrative Policy Framework). I have also supervised Masters of Public Policy students in their Policy Analysis capstone projects since 2016, primarily in the evaluation of social policies related to gender, health, education, the SDG, and the environment. My research focuses on women's lived experiences, and using qualitative data to enhance evidence-based policymaking. I also supervise military officers under the Command and Staff Course (GDSS) and MDSS programmes in conducting their research on various strategic and defense themes and topics, including COVID-19 and the role of the military, the US-led liberal international order, failed and failing states, and gender integration in the military. As such I also teach Research Methods and Advanced Research Methods to students of Public Policy, Islamic Governance, and Defense and Security Studies.


Gender Mainstreaming in the Military (Currently Filled)

Open for supervision of students under the Master of Defence and Security Studies (MDSS) dissertation, or Master of Public Policy and Management (MPPM) (capstone/policy analysis project only).

Applications Invited

The Sandwich Generation: Women, Work, and Dealing with the Double Burden of Care Responsibilities (Currently Filled)

Various anecdotal evidence suggest the emergence of a "sandwich generation" in Brunei, whose members provide care for both their children or grandchildren, and their elderly parents, while pursuing paid work and a career. In the main, the experiences of women in the sandwich generation are undocumented. While outsourcing care responsibilities to a nanny, au pair, or daycare facility may be a viable strategy for some mothers, it is not a universal experience for all women wishing to earn a living.

Applications Invited

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How Modest is Modest Fashion? Exploring Notions of Modesty within the Context of Muslim Women's Hypervisibility on Instagram. Collaborative Research funded under the Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Project [Phase 3] “Gender Justice and Democracy in Asia”. Coordinator: Professor Chalidaporn Songsamphan (Thammasat University). URL:[Full_Text]_KACP_Collaborative_Research_Report.pdf

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Fertility Decision-Making among Women in Brunei Darussalam: Values and the Fluid Nature of Rezeki (2014). Paper presented at the Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Project (KACP) on Education and Exchange Programme for Young Scholars in Women’s Studies: Uncovering Korea-ASEAN Womens Lived Realities through Feminist Research.

Understanding the Fertility Decline in Brunei (2013). Paper presented at the Brunei Students Research Symposium, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, 6th April (unpublished).

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Making Decisions About Having Children: Disentangling Fertility Preferences and Intentions of Muslim Women (In progress). DPhil in Sociology, Department of Sociology/Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford.

Control Mechanisms in a Small State University (2006) Unpublished MSc in Public Policy dissertation, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Social Geographies at The Centrepoint: A Question of Contestation and Identity at a Locale at the Gadong Commercial Centre (2004) Unpublished BA (Hons) in Geography and Anthropology dissertation, UBD.


Pandemic Policies and Governance in Small States in the Southeast Asian Region. FIC Research Grant (BND35,742/2 years project) – Co-PI. Principal Investigators: Dr. Mahani Hj. Hamdan and Norainie Ahmad.

Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Project (KACP) on Education and Exchange Program for Young Scholars in Women's Studies, sponsorship from the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund, for the following activities:

- [Phase 2, Part I] International Colloquium and Open Forum with Study Tour in Penang, Malaysia (28-31 October 2014) with the theme "Uncovering Korea-ASEAN Women's Lived Realities through Feminist Research". All paid expenses for round trip to Malaysia including meals and accommodation.

- [Phase 3] Collaborative Research: Gender Justice and Democracy in Asia (January-December 2016). Seed grant of USD1000 for individual research project expenses, paid accommodations, meals, and travel expenses to and from Bangkok, Thailand, in June 2016 (for Collaborative Research Development Workshop), and paid travel expenses to Hanoi, Vietnam in December 2016 [for the 4th Congress of the Asian Association of Women's Studies (AAWS) 'Engendering Citizenship in Asia'] [URL]:


Research Supervision:

Nazihah Hj. Hamdani - "Institutional and COmmunity Support for Victims of Domestic Violence: A Maqasid of Syari'ah Perspective" (MiG)

Siti Nur Rafhanah Awg Masri - "Islamic Governance of the Hearing-Impaired: Multidimensional Perspectives in Brunei Darussalam" (MiG)

Dk Nur Ihsan Pg Kamis - "Adoptions in Brunei: Protecting the Progeny" (MiG)

Major Pg. Baharuddin Pg. Ali - "Enhancing Protective Security in the Armed Forces" (MDSS)


Lt. Col. Mohd Ghazali Hj Hussin - "Roles of the Military During COVID-19: Brunei's Perspectives" (MDSS)

Lt. Col. (U) Pg. Hairol Iskhandar Pg. Ahmad - "An Analysis of the Effectiveness of International Intervention in Fragile States" (IRP/CSC9 - 2019)

Mastulah Nakalule - "Mother to Child Transmission of HIV: Retention of Mother-Baby Pairs into Care" (MPPM Public Policy Analysis Capstone - 2020)

Major Zabri Abdul Rahman - "An Analysis of the Challenges to the Liberal International Order" (IRP/CSC10 - 2020)

Lt. Cdr. Mohd Nazir Izwan Ahmad - "Successful Gender Integration in the Military and its Link to Operational Effectiveness: Case Study on Malaysia" (IRP/CSC10 - 2020)

Major Wan Muhammad Azem - "The Challenges to the US-Led Liberal International Order and its Survival" (IRP/CSC11 - 2021)

Major Lizawati Hj Suhaili - "Gender Integration in the Military and The Underrepresentation of Female Officers in Senior Positions: The Royal Brunei Armed Forces Perspectives" (IRP/CSC12 - 2022)

Major Muhd Isyhak Hj Ismail - "The Expansion of Royal Brunei Air Force Training into Royal Brunei Air Academy: Challenges and Way Forward" (IRP/CSC12 - 2022)


National Consultant for "The Study on Women's Political Participation and Leadership in ASEAN" (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Government of Brunei Darussalam) (September 2022 - )

Country Coordinator for the ASEAN Centre for Women's Studies Research on Women's/Gender Studies Curriculum Development in Asia (November - December 2020) (EWHA Womans University).

Preceptor for the 30th Executive Development Programme for Middle Managers (EDPMMO), ILIA (September 2020), for Module: Policy Analysis.

Facilitator/Assessor for the Commonwealth Youth Programme Diploma in Youth in Development Work (2007), for Module 18: Population and Family Life Education (in consultation with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and collaboration with members of the Department of Public Policy, UBD)

Researcher, "The Multifunctionality of Agriculture in Brunei Darussalam" (2007-8) (in consultation with the Agriculture Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, and collaboration with Azman Ahmad, Roger Lawrey, Dr. Ram Pillariseti and Roslee Baha)

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

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