Nicole Lim Chai Hoon

Lecturer, Faculty of Science



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  • Imbalances in the eye lens proteome are linked to cataract formation
    Philipp W. N. Schmid, Nicole C. H. Lim, Carsten Peters, Katrin C. Back, Benjamin Bourgeois, Franz Pirolt, Bettina Richter, Jirka Peschek, Oliver Puk, Oana V. Amarie, Claudia Dalke, Martin Haslbeck, Sevil Weinkauf, Tobias Madl, Jochen Graw, and Johannes Buchner
    Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, ISSN: 15459993, eISSN: 15459985, Pages: 143-151, Published: February 2021
    Springer Science and Business Media LLC

  • Knotting and unknotting of a protein in single molecule experiments
    Fabian Ziegler, Nicole C. H. Lim, Soumit Sankar Mandal, Benjamin Pelz, Wei-Ping Ng, Michael Schlierf, Sophie E. Jackson, and Matthias Rief
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN: 00278424, eISSN: 10916490, Volume: 113, Pages: 7533-7538, Published: 5 July 2016
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  • Molecular knots in biology and chemistry
    Nicole C H Lim and Sophie E Jackson
    Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, ISSN: 09538984, eISSN: 1361648X, Published: 9 September 2015
    IOP Publishing

  • Mechanistic insights into the folding of knotted proteins in vitro and in vivo
    Nicole C.H. Lim and Sophie E. Jackson
    Journal of Molecular Biology, ISSN: 00222836, eISSN: 10898638, Volume: 427, Pages: 248-258, Published: 30 January 2015
    Elsevier BV