Dr Natasha Keasberry


Lecturer, Faculty of Science



I joined Universiti Brunei Darussalam in June 2015 as a lecturer in Chemical Sciences at the Faculty of Science. I completed my undergraduate degree at Imperial College London, graduating with an MSci in Chemistry in 2010. I continued with my PhD studies at the Chemistry Department in Imperial College London, under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Long. My PhD project involved functionalising iron oxide nanoparticles (IONP) for use as contrast agents for MRI. As part of this project, I also synthesised macrocylic ligands for the complexation of lanthanides and transition metals, as well as radioactive gallium-68 for PET imaging. The IONP and gallium complexes were conjugated via copper-free alkyne-azide bioorthogonal coupling to form a combined dual modal MRI/PET imaging agent, which was subsequently used to image macrophages in vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque. During my PhD, I had the opportunity to learn skills in the cell biology area, such as cell culturing and bacterial culturing, as well as using microscopy to obtain images of cells.


Inorganic Chemistry


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