Muhammad Abid

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Integrated Technologies


Muhammad Abid is a PhD Doctor in Mechanical Engineering and working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Energy Systems Engineering, Faculty of Integrated Technologies, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam. His research area includes solar power, multi-generation, absorption cooling, heat transfer, and nanofluids.


B.S, M.S, PhD (Eastern Mediterranean University, Turkey)


Renewable Energy, Solar Cooling, Solar Thermal Power, Thermal Power Plants, Thermo-fluids (Heat Transfer, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics), Nanofluids, Absorption Cooling, Multi-generation


Concentrating evacuated tube solar collectors modelling and experimental analysis.

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Design and Experimental analysis of concentrating photovoltaic thermal system under Bruneian conditions.

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1. Victor Adebayo, Muhammad Abid, Michael Adedeji, Tahir A.H. RATLAMWALA. Thermodynamic analysis of solid oxide fuel cell coupled with absorption chiller & cascaded closed loop ORC for multi-generation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Accepted)
2. Muhammad Sajid Khan, Muhammad Abid, Mi Yan, Tahir A.H. RATLAMWALA, Ishrat Mubeen. Performance assessment of a solar tower assisted combined cycle power plant using supercritical carbon dioxide as a heat transfer fluid. International Journal of Exergy. (Accepted)
3. Muhammad Sajid Khan, Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Anser Bashir, Khuram Pervez Amber, Mi Yan*. Thermodynamic and exergoeconomic analysis of a novel solar-assisted multigenerational system utilizing high temperature phase change material and hybrid nanofluid. Energy Conversion & Management. Volume 236, 15 May 2021, 113948
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5. Muhammad Abid, Muhammad Sajid Khan, Tahir Abdul Hussain Ratlamwala, Muhammad Nauman Malik, Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Quentin Cheok. Thermodynamic analysis and comparison of different absorption cycles driven by evacuated tube solar collector utilizing hybrid nanofluids. Energy Conversion & Management. 246 (2021) 114673


1. Muhammad. Abid, T.A.H Ratlamwala and U. Atikol. Performance Assessment of parabolic dish and parabolic trough solar thermal power plant using nanofluids and molten salts “A comparative study", International Journal of Energy Research Int. J. Energy Res. (2016) DOI:
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5. Chinedu F. OKWOSE, Muhammad ABID, Tahir A.H. RATLAMWALA. Performance analysis of compressor-assisted two-stage triple effect absorption refrigeration cycle for power and cooling. Energy Conversion and Management (Accepted)

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Pakistan
Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Pakistan,
Cyprus International University, Turkey.