Min Shen


Lecturer, Language Centre


Min Shen is a lecturer at the Language Centre, Univeristi Burnei Darussalam and a PhD candidate at the University of Malaya. She had presented approximately 50 working papers at international seminars and conferences in Brunei and foreign countries including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan and Russia. Her publication includes articles on language education in journals, some shorter book reviews and 3 translated books. Besides, Min is an article reviewer for some established international peer-reviewed journals. Her areas of expertise lie in language in culture and society (sociolinguistics, identity, integration), language and literature education (bilingual education, intercultural education, literacy education, sociolinguistic in education), Chinese language and literature (teaching and learning) and translation (Chinese/Malay/English).


PhD in Education- University of Malaya
MA in Regional Studies- University of Malaya
BA in Language and Linguistics (Malay) - Beijing Foreign Studies University


Chinese Language Education
Dissemination Chinese Language
Chinese Syntax (applied linguistics)
Language in Culture and Society (sociolinguistics)


Bruneian Mandarin as a foreign language teachers' belief and practice of teaching intercultural competence in Mandarin classrooms

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  • Emerging Truths in Mandarin Mobile-Assisted Language Learning
    Nurul Ain Chua, Azza Jauhar Binti Ahmad Tajuddin, Goh Ying Soon, Dyg Min Shen, Rosdi Zakaria, Muhammad Abduh Almanar, and Sri Fatmariana
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN: 17426588, eISSN: 17426596, Volume: 1529, Published: 17 June 2020
    IOP Publishing


Huszka Balazs, Yuki Akita, Min Shen, Nor’Azmah Yunus. (2021).Language Economy and its Implications for Language Teaching: Data and Evidence. LingPoet: Journal of Linguistics and Literary Research, 2(1), 33-40.
Nurul Ain Chua, Goh Ying Soon, Mohd Yusri Ibrahim, Che Hasniza Che Noh, Noor Rohana Mansor, Che Mohd Zaid, Roswati Abdul Rashid, Min Shen. (2021).VIRTUAL DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION IN MANDARIN TEACHING: A REVIEW. Journal of Nusantara Studies (JONUS), 6(2), 231-249.
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Min Shen. (2019).Examining the implementation of a flipped Chinese classroom in a University in Brunei Darussalam: A mixed-method research. EDUCARE, 11(2), 139-156.
Min shen. (2017). Investigation into Phonological Attrition among Beginner Chinese Mandarin Language Learners. Macrolinguistics, 6(5), 95-106.


E-textbooks of Mandarin for Higher Education
E-textbooks of Mandarin for Business
Interactive Mandarin Learning Programme for Kindy Students


Mandarin for Business
Mandarin for Tourism Industry
Translation and Interpretation (Malay, English, Chinese)
Proofreading and advanced editing (Chinese- English)