Dr Hj Meredian Alam


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences


Dr Meredian is Assistant Professor in the Sociology and Anthropology program at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. He earned PhD in Sociology and Anthropology from Faculty of Education and Arts (FEDUA), The University of Newcastle Australia, under the supervision of internationally renowned sociologists Professor Pam Nilan and Dr Terry Leahy. In April 2019 his dissertation received The University of Newcastle's Humanities and Social Science Excellence Award in recognition of his high quality PhD dissertation “Youth and Environmentalism in Indonesia”. He is passionate about and looking forward to working with and supervising BA/MA/PhD students.

Before taking up position at UBD, he undertook several international researches, teaching, and consultancy positions. In 2012-2013 he acted as field coordinator for "Search-in-Balance" research project commissioned by Embassy of Norway and was in collaborations with University of Agder Norway (UiA), investigating the rise of youth-based environmental causes and collectives in megapolitan cities of Indonesia. In this prestigious project, developing research proposal and building rapport with more than 50 environmental organizations were his key responsibilities alongside data collection management and analysis. Upon completions of his doctorate studies, for two years he had been trusted as consultant for several international humanitarian organizations such as GIZ, World Visions, UNICEF, Plan International, and Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) to evaluate, monitor, and provide recommendations on the future effective program implementations in the specific areas: biogas as rural renewable energy, child and adolescent protection from forced labor and sexual abuses, social impacts of community savings long-term programs on youth's welfare, community-led farming and development of organic fertilizers and insecticides, and mental stress and depressions in the disaster-hit areas.

He is also well experienced in handling international students. Until 2014 he had co-taught Business, Politics, and Environment (BPE) module for international undergraduate program at Faculty of Business and Economics UGM and offered Global Peace Campus Advanced Modules (GPC) set up by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS), involving partner universities: Paradeniya University of Srilanka, Pannasastra University of Cambodia, Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) Jammu and Kashmir India, and Universitas Gadjah Mada of Indonesia (UGM). There were several M.A in Sociology research projects he supervised at that time for this module: Dynamic of Social Conflict in Eco-Tourism Management, Ethnic Conflict Between Agom Village and Balinuragan Villange in Lampung Indonesia, Aceh conflict through Sociological Perspectives of Anthony Giddens, Unresolved conflict & Persisting Resistance, Irony of Democracy, Post-Traumatic Stress in the Post-Conflict Regions, and Peasant Resistance to Introduction of Modernized Farming Tools. In the end of 2013, he completed a co-supervision of a M.Sc thesis on Small-Scaled Hydropower Infrastructure and People Empowerment in Rural Indonesia.


PhD in Sociology and Anthropology - The University of Newcastle Australia
M.Phil in Culture, Environment and Sustainability - University of Oslo, Norway
M.A in Development Sociology -Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
B.SocSc (Hons) in Sociology - Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
Hita College, Oita Prefecture, Japan


Environmental Initiatives
Environmental Movements
Youth Civic Participation


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- 2013-2017 ARC Discovery Grant DP130100051 "Fostering Pro-Environment Consciousness and Practice: Environmentalism, Environmentality and Environmental Education in Indonesia", L. Parker, G. Acciaioli, P. Nilan, S. Affif and Y. Winarto, A$580,000 [2013-2017 ]. My Role in this grant is Student Researcher under supervision of Professor Pamela Nilan.

- Received A$500 grant to cover transportation and accomodation for participating in Digital Research in Southeast Asia with the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, the University of Sydney. The grant was provided by the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre (2017)

- University of Newcastle International Postgraduate Research Scholarship. An A$55,000 award provided for 3 years (2014-2017) PhD Tuition Fee Waiver and University of Newcastle Scholarship Central to cover Living Allowance for 3 years (2014-2017)

- Faculty of Education and Arts Research Training Scheme. An A$6000 fund awarded for all research purposes, conferences, and training (2014-2017)

-Nordic Institute of Asian Studies grant for one-month accommodation for research purpose at NIAS and with University of Copenhagen Denmark.

-Centre for Environment and Sustainability Research Grant. This fund was granted for participating conference in European countries.

- US Department of Culture and Florida International University. A full scholarship provided for one-month fieldwork and study with Florida International University under supervision of Professor Christine E Gudorf.


I had former 2-year experiences of working for ConocoPhillips Indonesia. My tasks involved: 1) developing socio-political mapping for unrest prevention in South Sumatra Indonesia, 2) assets and security identifications in South Sumatra and Anambas Island, 3) drafting a wildlife encounter document (WED), 4) sustainable development report (SDR) submitted to government of Indonesia (GOI), 5) monitoring and evaluating Corporate Responsibility (CSR) programs, 6) evaluating company''s Sumatran tiger conservation project with Zoological Society London (ZSL), 7) managing and governing the implementation of safety driving programs for South Sumatra Natural Resources Conservation officers (BKSDA), 8) developing a corporate recommendations on social conflicts prediction of South Sumatra's gubernatorial election in 2008, and 9) as a regular contributor for corporate magazine.


In 2017 I had been certified with Youth Mental Health First Aid by Mental Health NSW Australia. Even though I am no longer residing in Australia, I still apply this competence and skills until today. Every month I and Hoshizora Foundation co-organized a non-profit mental health counselling session through Whatsapp for Indonesian secondary school students.