Staff Help

How can I register?
Please visit link Staff Access -> register and enter your Name, UBD email address, expert id user name, and password. Please note that your username for the expert directory should be the same as the username for your email address. For instance, if your email id is, then your user name should be office.ieo. Click submit and you will receive a verification email.
I submitted my details for registration but cannot login.
You will receive email verification email after registration, and you can login only after clicking verification link received in the verification email. Please contact us on if you haven't received your verification email after registration.
I have verified my email id but I am unable to login.
Please visit Staff Access -> Forgot Password to get your username and password.
I have verified my email id but my expert id page doesn't exist.
Please visit Staff Access -> Login and enter your details. Please save the profile to activate your webpage.
My designation or faculty details have been changed.
Please visit Staff Access -> Login and update your details. Please save the profile to update your webpage.
My publication list is not appearing on my expert page.
Please enter Scopus Author ID and Google Scholar URL in your login page.
My publication list doesn't match with my Scopus or Google Scholar information.
Publication information is automatically updated every seven days. Please wait for a week before contacting us.
I have transferred to another university, or retired, and want to remove my expert id page.
Please contact the Assistant Registrar of your last faculty/institute/centre (FIC), who would be able to delete your account on your behalf.