Hazwan Haini


Lecturer, UBD School of Business and Economics



My research interests are focused on developing economies and economic growth using macro-, industrial- and firm-level data. I continue to examine the ASEAN economies, especially with their implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community. It will be interesting to examine whether institutional regional integration can benefit the region. I use econometric methods where applicable.


PhD in Economics from Loughborough University (2019)
MSc in Banking and Finance from Loughborough University (2015)
BSc in Banking, FInance and Management from Loughborough University (2014)


Growth Economics
Development Economics


ASEAN Economic Research Group

This project aims to examine the policies and initiatives implemented as outlined in the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint and as well the political and social regional integration policies. This project aims to provide a deeper understanding of the region providing recent research in the region to provide important implications for future policies.

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