Future Projects - Language Centre

Perceptions of EMI among ESL higher education students in Brunei

The study seeks to add to the growing body of knowledge regarding EMI in higher education, and focus on student perspectives, which until now have been under-explored. The study can contribute to the growing literature on EMI, an emerging area of research in EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and ELF (English as a Lingua Franca) disciplines.

Teachers' and Learners' perceptions of classroom language learning tasks

The overarching purpose of this research is to aid in understanding the causes of failure and success in language teaching classrooms. While most research in this area focuses on teacher action, teacher beliefs, methods, syllabus, materials development etc., the aim of this research is to investigate how school-aged learners see the language classroom and, by reference to similar data gathered from teachers, investigate the extent to which there may be a difference in perceptions of purpose, value/usefulness and expectations. The research is situated within phenomenology, specifically linked to Personal Construct Theory, and utilizes repertory grids as a means of gathering data and stimulating learner and teacher expression of how they see the classroom. This initial study, intended as a pilot for larger, broader research plans, focuses on secondary school learners in Brunei and their teachers.