Dr Yuan-Fong Chou Chau


Professor, Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences


Yuan-Fong Chou Chau

1. Employment history

(1) Senior researcher (1992/02/01-2003/07/01), Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taiwan
(2) Assistant Professor (2004/08/01-2005/07/31), Department of Electrical Engineering, Lee Min institute of technology, Taiwan
(3) Assistant Professor (2005/08/01-2008/07/31), Department of Electronic Engineering, CYU, Taiwan
(4) Associate Professor (2008/08/01-2012/07/31), Department of Electronic Engineering, Ching Yun university (CYU), Taiwan
(5) Professor (2012/08/01-2015/06/30), director, Department of Electronic Engineering, Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology (CHUST), Taiwan
(6) Associate Professor (2015/07/07-2018/12/07), Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences (CAMES), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)
(7) Professor (2018/12/08-), Centre for Advanced Material and Energy Sciences (CAMES), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

2. Major areas of research:
Nanophotonics in the context of simulation, design, measurement, and precision fabrication.


(1) Doctor of Philosophy (Department of Electrophysics, Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, R.O.C.,2001/09-2004/0707/2004)
(2) Master of Science (Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, R.O.C., 1999/09-2001/06)
(3) Master of Engineering (Department of Electronic Engineering, Chung Chein Institude of Techonology, Taiwan, R.O.C.,1988/09-1990/06)
(4) Bachelor of Science (Department of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Military Academy (Taiwan), Taiwan, R.O.C.,1981/09-1985/07)


Nanophotonics (experiment, fabrication, and simulation), Electromagnetic field simulation, Plasmonic Photocatalytic application, Metamaterials, Nonlinear Optics, Biophotonics, Near-field optics, Plasmonics, Photonic crystals and related applications, and Fiber optics.


01/04/2022-31/03/2023, UBD/RSCH/1.9/FICBF(b)/2022/018: Fabrication and characterization a high sensitivity of hybrid nanohole Arrays by metal nanoparticle, BN$ 25,000.0 (P I)
01/05/2021-30/04/2022) UBD/RSCH/1.9/FICBF(b)/2021/009: Matal Enhanced Fluorescence based on hyperbolic metamaterials substrate with gold BN$ 25,000.0 (PI)
01/12/2019-31/11/2020,FIC Research grant application in Universiti Brunei Darrassalam (Grant Ref No.: UBD/RSCH/1.9/FICBF(b)/2019/006, Title: Nano structure fabrication using plasmonic enhanced E-fields), BN$ 65,300.00 (P I)
01/01/2017-31/12/2018,University research grant in Universiti Brunei Darrassalam (Grant Ref No.: UBD/OVACRI/CRGWG(004)/170101, Title: Investigation of Hybrid Plasmonic Nanostructures for Water Purification and Nanophotonic Devices), BN$ 71,000.0 (P I)
01/01/2016~31/12/2017”Numerical design of the nanoplasmonic metamaterials for applications on light manipulation and energy harvest,” Grant No. UBD-ORI-URC-RG331-U01, UBD (BND$ 20,000) (P I)
01/08/2014~31/05/2015, “Design of a high sensitivity biosensor in silver nanoshell structures,” Grant No. NSC-103-2112-M-231-001-, Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan (NT$910,000) (P I)
01/08/2013~31/07/2014, “Characterization and study of localized surface plasmon resonance on relating nanophotonic devices,” Grant No. NSC-102-2112-M-231-001-, Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan (NT$599,000) (P I)
01/08/20010~07/31/2013, “Studies and applications of surface plasmon effects on solar cells,” Grant No. NSC-99-2112-M-231-001-MY3, Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan (NT$1,668,000) (P I)
01/08/2007~07/31/2010, “The fundamental study and application of efficient beaming, directional emission and beam splitter from photonic crystal waveguides,” Grant No. NSC-96-2112-M-231-001-MY3, Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan (NT$1,370,000) (P I)
01/08/2006~31/07/2007 “The analysis of two and three dimensional super-resolution near-field structure near-field optical disk,” Grant No. NSC-95-2112-M-231-001-, Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan (NT$3,17,000) (P I)
1/01/2005-31/07/2006, "The study of some characteristics in photonic crystal using near-field optics,” Grant No. NSC-94-2112-M-231-001- Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan,(NT$4,10,800) (P I)


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Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

Instrument Technology Research Center, National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan


System manufacture center (1992-2004)


Academic editor of (1) Chinese current nanoscience, (3) Internal Journal of Optics and (2) PLOS ONE