Dr Basilios Tsikouras


Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Science



- Born March 8, 1965 in Athens, Greece.
- Deputy Dean (Academic), Faculty of Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam
- Over 100 publications in peer-reviewed and other referred journals, Proceedings of International Conferences and Books.
- Principal Investigator of 15 Projects sponsored by International funds and private sector.
- Joint research collaborations with scientists from Canada, Italy, USA, Austria and Greece.
- Reviewer for: Lithos, Canadian Mineralogist, Gondwana Research, Engineering Geology, Geoscience Frontiers, Chemie der Erde/Geochemistry, Arabian Journal of Geosciences, Journal of African Earth Sciences, Ofioliti, Geosciences, Journal of Geochemical Exploration, Ore Deposits, Construction and Building Materials, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geologica Acta, Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie, CIM Magazine, Minerals, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Periodico di Mineralogia, Scientia Bruneiana, AshEse Journal of Physical Science, Mineral Wealth, Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, and numerous International and National Conferences.
- Member of the Editorial Board of:
• Disaster Advances
• Scientia Bruneiana
• International Jourmal of Mineralogy (2014-2015)
• Dataset Papers in Geosciences (2013-2017)
- Guest Editor of:
• Special Issue: Petrogenesis of Ophiolites, 2017, Geosciences
• Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 1st International Congress on Earth Sciences, in SE Asia, 2018, Geosciences
- Chairperson of the Alumni Society of the Department of Geology, University of Patras.
- Member of the Geological Society of Greece.
- Member of the Committee of Economic Geology – Mineralogy & Geochemistry of the Geological Society of Greece
- Member of the Geotechnical Chamber of Greece.
- Member of the “Association for the Study of Marble and Other Stones used In Antiquity”.
- Member of the “Atlantic Geoscience Society”


BSc in Geology - University of Patras, Greece, 1986
PhD in Geology - University of Patras Greece, 1992


• Geochemical Distribution and Behaviour of Elements in Soils
• Petrogenetic Processes in Ophiolites
• Synthesis of Abiotic Methane in Serpentinites
• Quality Assesment of Aggregates and Industrial Minerals
• Genesis of Chromitites and Associated Platinum Group Minerals
• Studies on Asbestos Minerals and Fibers
• Archaeometric Studies with Emphasis on Evaluation and Provenance of Stone Implements and Building Stones


Petrogenesis of Ophiolite Suites in Borneo Island and Comparisons with the Zambales (Philippines) and Othrys (Greece) Ophiolites: Possible implications on the Genesis of Abiotic Methane

Ophiolites represent remnants of the Earth's Upper Mantle and Oceanic Crust. Knowledge of their geotectonic evolution and petrogenesis are considered as fundamental keys to the reconstruction of the Earth's history and geotectonic evolution, as they comprise huge and important parts of the Earth's interior. Recently, it has been suggested that these rocks are responsible for the production and exhalation of methane of abiotic origin, which is a theme of growing interest. The present study deals with the detailed investigation of the Borneo ophiolite suite, aiming to unravel the complex geological history of Borneo Island with several implications on the geological development of Malaysia. Geological mapping in certain areas of interest in the Sabah region (Pulau Malawali, Kundasang, Ranau, Telupid, Beluran, please see map provided), collection and preparation of specimens, as well as their thorough microscopic investigation, employing polarising and Scanning Electron Microscope techniques, will be performed. Gas emissions from the ophiolite will be analysed, in order to test the hypothesis for the production of abiotic methane. The proposed research aims at: (i) unraveling the genesis and evolution of the Ancient Mantle and Oceanic Crust of the area of Borneo from the acquisition of data during a thorough petrological investigation, and (ii) investigating the role of these rocks in the formation of the unconventional production of abiotic methane.

Applications Invited
PhD; MSc

A Pilot Geochemical Atlas for Resource Exploration and Environmental Management in the Brunei-Muara District, Brunei Darussalam

Geochemical mapping of large regions is a challenge for applied geoscientists as it is a fundamental tool for the exploration of a plethora of Earth resources, as well as for environmental monitoring and land management. For this reason, regional-, national- and global-scale geochemical mapping projects have been carried out in various countries the last decades (e.g. Geochemical Map of Europe, USA, large regions of Africa, etc.).. The current project is proposed to cover the District of Brunei-Muara as a first effort to construct a similar Atlas in Brunei Darussalam. The area is dominated by sedimentary formations of Miocene to Quaternary age and characterised by various geological units, which have been accumulated from the discharge of ancient and modern rivers and their interaction with a marine environment. A large number of samples will be collected and analysed in order to highlight potential geochemical organic and inorganic anomalies. Subsequent interpretation of these anomalies will lead to implications regarding: (i) the potential existence of economic resources, (ii) environmental applications (e.g. biosorbents of pollutants, waste filters), iii) adverse environmental impacts (anthropogenic and natural) and the consequences to public health, and (iv) the provenance of the sediments and consequently the geological history of Brunei Darussalam.

Applications Invited
PhD; MSc

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Determination of the genuineness and approximation of the value of mineral and fossil specimens from His Majesty's of Brunei Darussalam collection for the purposes of the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Islamic Exhibition Gallery

Hazard risk assessment of the asbestos fibers occurring in ultramafic rocks used as aggregates

Evaluation of quality of rocks for industrial applications

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

-Quality Assesment of Industrial MInerals and Rocks
- Investigation of Reactions in Ophiolite Rocks Capable to Produce Methane via Abiotic Synthesis
- Proposal of New Methods in the Investigation and Prediction of the In-service Engineering Performance of Rocks in Industrial and Environmental Applications
- Application of Mineralogical-Petrographic-Geochemical Methods for the investigation of Archaeometric Problems