Dr Muhammad Anshari


Senior Assistant Professor, UBD School of Business and Economics and Deputy Director, Institute of Policy Studies


Muhammad Anshari joined Continuing Education Centre (CEC) UBD in 2014. Currently he is Senior Assistant Professor of Business Information Systems at Universiti Brunei Darussalam School of Business & Economics (UBDSBE) and also serve as Deputy Director, Institute of Policy Studies for the last three years. His professional experience started when he was IT Business Analyst at Astra International. After completion of his PhD, he worked as research fellow at National Taiwan University sponsored by the Government Republic of China (Taiwan). Before that he pursued research fellowship at King Saud University - the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2009. Details of his research interests are as below.


Bachelor of Management Information Systems (BMIS - Hons), International Islamic University Malaysia
Master of IT (E-Business), James Cook University, Australia
PhD in Business Administration, Universiti Brunei Darussalam


Business Information Systems
E-Health & Mobile Health
Digital Business & Social Computing
Big data in business
ICT & Area Studies (ASEAN/Borneo)
ICT in Education


Building Resilience with Business Information System (BIS) Research

Business Information Systems and Covid-19 Pandemic; Fourth Industrial Revolution; Mobile Health and Future Direction;

Applications Invited
Interdisciplinary research collaboration

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Anshari, M., et al (2019). Customer relationship management and big data enabled: Personalization & customization of services. Applied Computing and Informatics, Elsevier 15(2), 94-101 [Scopus Q1 in Information System].

The research above has been acknowledged and cited at US Patent;

Verma, V., Vadlamudi, S., Bao, X., & Cembali, T. (2021). U.S. Patent No. 10,999,416. Systems and methods for recurrent and adaptive electronic notifications, Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Faculty Block Grant, UBD. Ref. No.: UBD/RSCH/1.8/FICBF(b)/2020/006 Title: Financial Technology (FinTech) Assessment in ASEAN: Crowdfunding and Payment System. (Principal Investigator)

Faculty Block Grant, UBD. Ref. No.: UBD/RSCH/1.8/FICBF(b)/2018/003 Title: Business Models of Digital Marketplace in ASEAN. (Co-Investigator)

UBD Research Grant Ref. No.: UBD/ORI/URC/RG336/U01 Title: Big Data Application in the E-Government Initiative: Feasibility Studies (Principal Investigator)

Taiwan Research Fellowship No.: MOFATF2014035 Title: Consumers' Empowerment in E-Health Systems; Host Institution: National Taiwan University (Principal Investigator)

King Saud University; Customer Relationship Management in Banking Sector, 2008 (Principal Investigator)


Current Command Staff Course - Graduate Diploma in Security Studies
1. Major (Pilot) Mohammad Azmi - The challenges of achieving security in space
2. Major Haji Hazimin - The procurement of drones as a cost effective opportunity to redress RBAF capability gaps

Past CSS Consultation
1. Lieutenant Colonel Dai Jing - How Should Southeast Asian Militaries Harness Artificial Intelligence?
2. Lieutenant Commander Anusorn Swasdee - A Review of Artificial Intelligence, Remote Sensing, and Big Data for Solving ASEAN’s Problems [Scopus Indexed]
3. Lt. Col. (Pilot) Frederick DC Pacia - Deploying Artificial Intelligence in Military: Case of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV)

Master of Defence & Security Studies
1. Lieutenant Colonel Fakhrul - Royal Brunei Land Forces' readiness in the 4th Industrial Revolution: A Case Study

Degree Research Exercise
1. Muhamad Azuwan Juna - Opportunities and Challenges of Working From Home Post Covid 19
2. Hon Lee Wei - Looking into consumers’ perspective: How social media influences the behaviour of Bruneian on buying consumable goods?
3. Siti Nadhirah - Impacts of Social Media as a business platform: A case of Entrepreneurship in Brunei Darussalam
4. Siti NurulJannah - Developing digital ecosystem for a digital wallet in Brunei
5. Iffah Haziyah @ Hanna Ainina binti Rumaizi- Assessing the motivations of digital wallets among millennials
6. Fakhrus Syazwan - BruHIMS and Customer Service : CRM 2.0 Analysis
7. Ahmad Zaimi Fa’aiz - CRM Strategies in Banking Sectors of Brunei Darussalam

Master of Management - Research Exercise
1. Muhammad Azmi Sait - Assessing Brunei Darussalam Public and Private Sector Readiness Towards Big Data Application [Published IJABIM - Scopus Indexed]

1. Capt. Haji Mohammad Amirul Shahnoel - The Impact of IR4.0 on the Socio-Innovation System & the Future of Jobs in Brunei Darussalam
2. Abubakar Mukhtar Yakasai - Integrated Model of Intention to Use and Actual Online Shopping Use Behaviour among Nigerian Consumers
3. Mohammad Alif Azizi bin Haji Abdullah - Digital ecosystem: Framework to measure ecosystem health
4. Zuraihan binti Haji Masri - A study on the Impact of Digital transformation on Organizational performance: From the perspective of Brunei Darussalam

Industry, Institute, or Organisation Collaboration

Department of Health Management and Health Economics (HELED), University of Oslo Norway - Mobile Health
Jackson State University, USA - E-health research
Binus University Indonesia - Mobile commerce research


Consultancy - AITI - ICT Survey on Individual, Household and Business 2018
IT Business Analyst - Astra International


Research Sharing and Presentation

1. Panel Presenter on Industrial Revolution 4.0, Persidangan Perkhidmatan Awam, Sempena Hari Perkhidmatan Awam Kali ke-26 Negara Brunei Darussalam, Prime Minister Office, 19 November 2019.

2. The Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, "Factors Influencing Individual in Adopting e-Wallet", The 9th International Conference on Information Communication & Management (ICICM 2019), 23-26 August 2019.

3. ASEAN Regional Workshop at Bangkok Thailand on “Climate Finance: GCF Concept Note Write-shop, "Transforming from Trash to Cash: Digital Wallet & Changing People Behavior". 10-12 September 2019, (Best concept-paper).

4. Nagoya University, Japan, "Digital Marketplace and FinTech to Support Agriculture Sustainability". 4th International Conference on Renewable Energy and Development, Sept 19-21, 2018.

5. University of Macau, China, "Big data and Open Government Data in Public Services Knowledge". 2018 International Conference on Big Data Management, 26-28 Feb 2018.

6. Binus University, Indonesia, "Big Data in Healthcare for Personalization Customization of Healthcare Services", International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech), 2019.

7. Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia, "Expending Technique Cryptography for Plaintext Messages by Modifying Playfair Cipher Algorithm with Matrix 5 x 19", 3rd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (ICECOS), OCTOBER 02-04, 2019. (Best Paper)

8. International Postgraduate Networks (IPN) at Hat Yai Thailand, "Customer Relationship Management with Big Data Enabled in Banking Sector", 22 – 23 April 2016.

9. Universitas Yudharta Pasuruan, Indonesia, " ICT ASEAN Index Readiness", International Seminar Arah Kebijakan Ekonomi di Era ASEAN Economic Community, May 2, 2016.

10. Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand, "Big Data Era: Big Challenges for ASEAN Economic Community". International Conference on ASEAN Studies 2 (ICONAS 2), 3-5 August 2015. (Best paper - won prize USD 1000)

11. Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta Indonesia, "Shifting Role of Customers from Recipient to Partner of Care in Healthcare Organization". The 13th ASEAN Graduate Business, Economic Program (AGBEP) Network, April 2, 2013, (Best paper - Prize 1 Million Indonesian Rupiah)

12. National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taipei - Taiwan, "Modeling patient empowerment in healthcare organization through cloud computing", The Fourteenth International Conference on Electronic Business, 8-12 December 2014.

13. Universiti Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia, "Crafting Strategies of Patient Empowerment in E-Health System: CRM 2.0", Research Sharing at Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, 2014.