Dr Anne Cunningham


Associate Professor, Pengiran Anak Puteri Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah Institute of Health Sciences


Associate Professor Dr Anne Cunningham is an immunologist and experienced academic. She graduated with a BSc Biochemistry & Microbiology and PhD in Immunology from the University of Leeds. She did 5 years post-doctoral research in the Department of Surgery at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (focusing on transplant immunology) then moved to Sunderland Pharmacy School where she was based for 16 years (as a senior lecturer, then principal lecturer) before moving to Universiti Brunei Darusssalam in 2012. She has successfully supervised 7 PhD students to completion. She is currently the Deputy Dean (Research, Graduate Studies & Global Affairs) in the PAPRSB Institute of Health Sciences. Recently published a revision text book with Oxford University Press. Thrive in Immunology. Cunningham AC (2016).


Immunology Immunoassay development


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Grant Type: URG, Project Title: potential modulation of T cell responses by HDACis’, Investigators (PI/Co-PI): Dr Anne Cunningham (PI)
Dr Chea Lim (Lecturer, UBD)
Drs Jonathan Harburn, Jason Gill and Adetayo Kasim at the University of Durham (UK), Funding Details: 32,660, Start Date: 13/05/2013, End Date: 31/05/2015




I was the recipient of a 'Knowledge Transfer Partnership' with a small veterinary company in rural Cumbria (2003-2006 £85,000 funded by Department of Trade & Industry / Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd). The aim of this KTP was to validate Hypermune-RE (HRE, an equine plasma product) and establish appropriate quality control tests in order that Veterinary Immunogenics Limited could meet its regulatory requirements with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD). The project was successful and met the project objectives as described in the application:
• Characterisation of the antigens in HRE by the Western Blotting technique
• Establish Enzyme-Linked Immunoabsorbent Assays (ELISA) to determine the quantity of antibodies in HRE
• Apply the ELISA to the analysis of sera from the Newmarket field study to determine the extent and duration of antibody transfer and correlate to the foals’ health status.
• Initiate procedures to improve the product immunologically
• Establish a GLP laboratory & install defined QC test procedures and assays on site in order to meet the requirements of the UK regulatory authority

The company now has a validated quality control test to determine the quantity of specific IgG antibodies to the equine pathogen Rhodococcus Equi. This assay has been applied to equine plasma samples from the donor herd at Veterinary Immunogenics Ltd., to foals receiving HRE in safety / field studies and plasma / serum samples from a wider population of horses in the UK.
The company also has a newly built quality control laboratory working to GLP standards and consequently a newly acquired capacity for further research and development. For example, research into the factors that improve the product immunologically is ongoing.
Data from this project was submitted to the VMD in a Marketing Authorisation Dossier and was approved so that the company could continue to sell it's product (HRE) in the UK.


immunology, inflammation and immunoassay