Dr Andrew Littlejohn


Associate Professor, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education

Dr. Andrew Littlejohn, Ph.D (Lancaster), M.A., PGCE, B.A., is an academic, materials developer, consultant, researcher, teacher educator and language teacher. He has taught English, trained teachers, run short courses, and worked at universities in a number of countries including the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Bahrain, Oman and elsewhere. He is three times a winner of English-Speaking Union awards, presented at Buckingham Palace, for his writings in ELT methodology. He has published articles and papers in numerous journals and edited collections, and is the author of many books (mainly published by Cambridge University Press) for a wide range of language teaching contexts and purposes. For adult learners, these include Company to Company (CUP), Writing 1 (CUP), Writing 2 (CUP), Writing 3 (CUP), and Writing 4 (CUP) and the co-authored course Eurolingua (Clubschools, Switzerland and Cornelsen, Germany). For school-aged learners, Dr Littlejohn is co-author of the multi-level courses Cambridge English for Schools (CUP) and Cambridge English Worldwide (CUP), for learners aged 11-16, and Primary Colours (CUP), for learners aged 5-11, and consultant and co-author (with Helgrid Schofield-Hammesfahr) of the First Choice topic based language development materials for primary schools (Lehrmittelverlag, Zurich, Switzerland). He has a particular interest in content-rich programmes which foster the development of higher order thinking skills.
Dr Littlejohn is co-editor (with Professor Michael Breen) of the collection Classroom decision-making: negotiation and process syllabuses in practice (CUP, 2000), which provides practical accounts of shared decision-making with learners in primary, secondary and tertiary education. With Dr Sandhya Rao Mehta, he is co-editor of the collection Language studies: stretching the boundaries (CSP, 2012), which explores the relationship between language studies and other disciplines. He is or has been an editorial advisor to a number of journals, including Applied Linguistics (OUP), Language and Education (Routledge), Language Teaching (CUP), Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning (Routledge), TESL-EJ (Berkeley), ITL - International Journal of Applied Linguistics (John Benjamins) and others. He has been an invited plenary or keynote speaker in numerous international conferences, including conferences in Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Italy, Mexico, Oman, Pakistan, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, Vietnam, and others.
Dr Littlejohn currently teaches at the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Prior to that, he taught at the Institute of Education at the University of London, in the Dept of Linguistics at Lancaster University in the UK, and at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. Through his website, www.AndrewLittlejohn.net, Dr Littlejohn provides resources to language teachers and researchers, and a practical A to Z of methodology for teaching primary and secondary school aged learners.


BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, PhD (Lancaster) www.AndrewLittlejohn.net


English Language Education
Materials Design
The analysis of language teaching materials
Learner perspectives on the classroom
School-based language education