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Dr Adrian Kay Professor, Institute of Policy Studies

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Dr Adrian Kay

Professor, Institute of Policy Studies



Theories of the policy process
Global health policy
Public Administration


Scopus Publications


Building transnational health policy capacity in Asia

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The development of the policy-making process in Brunei since independence

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Institutional dynamics of governance in Muslim societies

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IPAA Public Administration Research Trust Fund (2017) The role of the Productivity Commission in contemporary social policy development, A$10k (Chief Investigator 2).

National Health and Medical Research Council (2015-2020) Centre of Research Excellence on Social Determinants of Health Equity (CRESDHE): Policy research on the social determinants of health equity, APP1078046, A$2.47m (Chief Investigator 3).

Research School of Asia and the Pacific, ANU (2016-2016) The policy economy of rice policy in Vietnam, A$15k (Chief Investigator 2).

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Faculty Grant, Flinders University (2015-2016) Implications for health equity of increased Private Health Fund involvement in Primary Health Care, including GP Services, in Australia, A$50k (Associate Investigator).

Research School of Asia and the Pacific, ANU (2014-2015) Pragmatic federalism: From the blame game to learning? A$15k (Chief Investigator 2).

Research School of Asia and the Pacific, ANU (2014-2015) Sounding board of the nation? A baseline study of innovative public engagement in parliamentary committees, A$15k (Chief Investigator 2).

Australian Research Council (2013-2016) Trade policy: maximising benefits for nutrition, food security, human health, and the economy, DP130101478, A$364k (Chief Investigator 2).

Australian Research Council (2012-2015) The making and unmaking of Australian public policy: understanding the path from Medibank to Medicare, DP120103676, A$175k (Chief Investigator 1).

Australia and New Zealand School of Government (2012-2014) Does failure facilitate success in health care reform? Lessons from 40 years of health care reform in Australia, A$50k (Sole Investigator).

Research School of Asia and the Pacific, ANU (2010) International health care business and health policy in Asia, A$10k (Sole Investigator).

Economic and Social Research Council (2009-2011) Sweetness and power: the political economy of sugar policy change in Brazil, EU and US, RES-000-22-3607, £96k (Principal Investigator).

University of Salford, Research Bidding Support Fund (2009) International business-government relations in health care, £3k (Sole Investigator).

Leverhulme Trust (2007) Visiting Fellowship for Dr Robert Ackrill to complete project on the political economy of sugar policy change at Griffith University, £14k (Co-Investigator).

Australian Research Council (2006-2009) Towards sustainable regional institutions: the nature, role and governance implications of contemporary Australian regionalism, DP0666833, A$390k (Chief Investigator 2).

Griffith Business School (2005) Pharmaceutical policy in Australia, A$10k (Sole Investigator).

The Pharmacy Practice Research Trust (2003-2004) Pharmacy’s contribution to tackling health inequalities, £20k (Sole Investigator).

Scopus Publications