Dr. Adeline Goh


Assistant Professor, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education

Adeline gained her Ph.D. from the Institute of Lifelong Learning at the University of Leeds in the UK. In addition to this, Adeline has a First Class Honours in Masters in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and also a Postgraduate Technical Certificate in Education with a distinction from UBD. She has worked as an Honorary Research Fellow at Birkbeck College, University of London. Adeline has years of experiences in training adult learners; for example pre and in-service teachers. Prior to her joining the Universiti Brunei Darussalam, she taught for several years at one of Brunei's Vocational and Technical Education colleges. Having always taught young adults, her research work focuses on the ways individuals learn across a wide variety of contexts, more specifically the ways in which they learn in the workplace and education. Adeline is interested in the learning of teachers and other professionals in the workplaces. Her research also focuses on the transitions of individuals from education into work. She is a strong advocate of lifelong learning.


Workplace learning; Professional learning in transitions; Transitions from education to work; Professional workplace pedagogies; Vocational education.


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1) Promoting of Science Concepts with Professional Development of Science Teachers (PUSC-PDST) - Grant Sponsor: JPKE - Science and Technology
2) Understanding Teachers’ informal workplace learning - Grant Sponsor: UBD


Recent conference paper proceedings:

Goh, A.Y.S. (2016). Workplace Learning: Vocational Teachers’ learning experience in industry placements, Paper presented at Adult Learning Symposium, Future of Work, Future of learning, 3rd – 4th November, 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Goh, A.Y.S. (2016) Boundary Crossing: Vocational Teachers’ identity, Paper presented at Research in Post-compulsory Education, 2nd International Conference, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, United Kingdom, 8th -10th July, 2016.

Goh, A.Y.S. (2016) Raising the performance of vocational teachers through industrial placements, Paper presented at Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults, University of Leicester, United Kingdom, 5th -7th July, 2016.

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Goh, A.Y.S. (2015) Vocational Pedagogy: The use of disciplinary knowledge. Paper presented at Journal of Vocational Education and Training 11th international conference, Worcester College, University of Oxford, 3rd-5th July, 2015.

Goh, A. Y.S. (2015). An exploration of vocational pedagogy: types of knowledge used for teaching. Paper presented at the AVETRA 18th Annual Conference, 8th – 10th April, 2015, Melbourne, Australia.


SABER Workforce Development (Brunei) with World Bank Organisation