Dr Li Li Pang


Lecturer, UBD School of Business and Economics


Dr. Pang is currently a lecturer at UBD School of Business and Economics (UBDSBE). She joined as a lecturer at the Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPA) at the now defunct Faculty of Business, Economics and Policy Studies (FBEPS) in 2005. She completed her PhD in 2012 and teaches Public Sector Management, Public Policy Analysis, Public Sector Human Resource Management and Government, Business and Society modules. In 2013, she joined Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), UBD and in April 2017 she joined UBDSBE.

Dr. Pang was one of the coordinators of the Executive Development Programme (EDP) for Middle Management Officers as well as the coordinator EDP for Senior Government Officials in 2015, and an examiner for the EDP policy papers. She was IPS's Coordinator of Research and Graduate Studies from 2014-2015 and Deputy Director of IPS from 2015-July 2016. She has also been invited to give lectures on 'Government' topics at the Defence Academy as part of the Academy's academic training and promotion for the Ministry's junior officers.

Dr. Pang has a research interest in public sector reforms, specifically in the implementation of government policies and local governance matters.


BA Public Policy and Administration (UBD)
MSc Public Policy (University of Bristol, UK)
PhD Management (Monash University, Australia)


Public Sector Management and Reforms; Public Policy; Local Governance; Minority Studies


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Scopus Publications


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