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Joint UBD – Brunei Shell Master by Research Industry Project Opportunity

  • Office of AVC (Innovation and Enterprise)
  • Contact:Industry IEO
  • Application invited for:Master Level

In order to reduce risk from the decommissioning of hydrocarbon fields, a caprock identification and mapping study is planned for Brunei’s reservoirs. The decommissioning of onshore and offshore oil and gas wells is governed by Brunei’s decommissioning and restoration guidelines. Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Subsurface Isolation Strategy is of key importance in designing a robust field-wide abandonment to prevent any unintended leakage of hydrocarbons to the surface during and after abandonment activities. The project is aim to understand caprocks, its identification and the mapping of their extent, and the assessment of caprock geomechanical properties by utilizing subsurface information such as 3D/4D seismic data, well data and production data. Thus, a number of UBD Master by Research students from different programmes (Computer Science, Engineering, Geology) will get unique exposure to decommissioning and restoration activities and will be acquainted to the current needs of the industry.